SPIMEX Electronic platform
Аккредитация и допуск: + 7 (495) 380-04-14
Организация торгов: + 7 (495) 380-04-12
+7(812) 449-53-87
unit Zarubezhneft JSC

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 SPIMEX Electronic Platform "Torg –I” is a corporate information system intended for the electronic interaction of Electronic Platform participants with an electronic document flow.

The electronic document flow on SPIMEX Electronic Platform “Torg-I” is used with:

  • Intensified qualified electronic signatures. The certificates of their verification keys are made by one of the certification centers accredited by the authorized federal agency (link to the portal );
  • “CryptoPro CSP” cryptographic security systems, as well as other cryptographic security systems compatible with them – as means of encryption and digital signature.